Yellow Jasper Body Cleansing Bracelet

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A fantastic bracelet with detoxifying effect!

This Yellow Jasper Body Cleansing Bracelet helps to properly facilitate body cleansing & fat decomposition!This soothes bloating, nausea, fat intolerance, and chronic indigestion. It helps digest and break down fat deposits to repel excess fat & toxin accumulation!


Improves Immune System
It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent & immune system simulator which improves the overall health & functioning of the gall bladder, liver, pancreas, spleen, and kidneys.
Aids Digestion & Reduce Bloating
This boosts micro-circulation and body metabolism which results in a quick fat decomposition.

Breaks Down Toxin Cells
This signals & expels excess toxin accumulation.


  • Yellow Jasper Diameter: 10mm


  • Yellow Jasper Body Cleansing Bracelet
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