Voltage Sensitivity Pen

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The Voltage Sensitive Pen is the quickest way to safety check for electrical current in a wire, outlet, switch, or old lamp that has mysteriously stopped working.

The pen provides a non-contact detection of voltage, perfect for a breaking point location test for damaged wires.

It will light up in red and make noise when it comes close to a live wire, even one that's covered in plastic insulation.

  • Non-contact detection of AC voltage
  • LED light will light up according to the signal density
    • Red light and rapid buzz when a live line with high voltage is detected
    • Green light and medium buzz when medium voltage is detected
    • Flashing green light and slow buzz when low voltage is detected

  • Breaking point location test to detect the damaged area


  • Indicates both standard voltage (house wiring, light fixtures and switches) and low voltage (like irrigation, doorbells and thermostats)
  • Adjustable sensitivity to switch voltage range between 12V-1000V and 48V-1000V

  • Bright LED light allows operation even in a dark environment
  • Auto power off within 5 minutes

  •  1 x Voltage Sensitivity Pen
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