T-Tap Wire Connector Kit

60 pcs (1 Box)120 pcs (1 Box)
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Connect and tap wires safely in seconds! 

No more stripping, cutting, and soldering of wires with this amazing T-Tap Wire Connector Kit!This kit enables the "One crimp" process a quick and easy electrical connection which can save you a lot of trouble and time!


Safe & fast Method 
Replace the traditional way of wiring. Connect in one crimp. The temperature resistance is up to 221℉. All taps meet or exceed UL and SA standards. 

Excellent Conduction
Increase current flow and reduce voltage drop while preventing wiring failures and reduce equipment downtime.

Mid-span wiretapping has never been easier and T-tap wire connectors can be used repetitively. It locks tightly on the T-Tap connectors to prevent sliding out.
Color-coded tubing for easy identification of sizes.

Material: PVC, Brass, Tinplate 
Color: Red, Blue, Yellow 
Male Spade Connector Length: 2.5 cm 
Quick Splice Wire Connector Length: 3.7 cm 
Diameter: 0.35cm(Red); 0.45cm(Blue); 0.7cm(Yellow) 
Terminals spade width: 6.3mm 
Terminals width: 1.1cm 


  • T-Tap Wire Connector Kit
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