Suede Care Cleaning Rubber

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Make your suede shoes look good as new!

Easily remove stains off suede material using Suede Care Cleaning Rubber! Always have it looking fresh, lustrous, and fabulous!
Did your suede boots grow mildew because you left it in the cupboard for too long? Now you can simply rub and make them disappear without discoloration or damage.
Keep your bags, footwear, and other suede items looking great and pristine! You don't need to be scared of caring for such a delicate material.


✔ Easy & Effective Suede Cleaning Eraser: No need to use water to clean your suede. Simply rub off stains and mildew from the material.
✔ Gentle & Safe to Use: It won't damage or stain your suede. The dirt adheres to the raw rubber like a normal eraser.
✔ Perfect for any Suede Item: Clean any suede material, nubuck, and midsoles. Clean suede bags, shoes, jackets, etc.
✔ Handy & Portable: Bring it with you whenever you wear suede just in case they get dirty or stained!
✔ Can be Cut: Made of real flexible rubber. After decontamination and soiling, you can use a knife to remove and continue using it.


Material: Raw Rubber
Size: 7*5*1 CM


1 / 3 pcs x Suede Care Cleaning Rubber

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