Silicone Caulking Finisher

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Improve agglutinating quality and the aesthetic sense of surfaces easily! Create and remove excess caulk while smoothing the material into gaps with the Silicone Caulking Finisher.It comes with 3 different nozzle sizes that can satisfy your sealing needs. Fill in and seal gaps easily while eliminating the messy caulk jobs.Ideal for applying caulk to countertops, windows, tile, siding and more. Works with all types of caulk sealer. The secret tool for a professional caulk job! 

  • 3 Different Nozzle Sizes
    6.5R, 10R, 13R  radius nozzle size.
  • Premium Material
    It is made of silicone and non-stick material. Soft and durable designed for a long-lasting service.
  • Bidirectional Design Scraper
    Easily remove existing caulk and clean surfaces for a soothing finish.

  • Wide variety of application
    A good tool for smoothing seal lines, seam lines, silicone threads; removing old, leaking silicone and grout lines for clean contours and permanent seals.
  • Type: Caulk Nozzle and Scraper Set
  • Material: Silicone non-stick material
  • Function: sealing and caulking
  • 1 set of Silicone Caulking Finisher
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