Shiny™ Cookware Cleaner

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No more stain and tarnish on your pots! Bring your kitchenware back to life with a brand-new shiny look with our Shiny™ Cookware Cleaner.

Deep cleaning kitchenware has never been more effortless! Non-toxic formula that removes stubborn stain with just a few scrubs with no damages!


  • Advanced Formula - Restore the shine of any surface by removing tough stains and tarnish. Protects your pots by preventing stain buildup & further discoloration.

  • Easy & Effortless Just a few scrubs away from removing stubborn stains & brand new looking kitchenware! No rinsing needed!

  • For all kitchenware - Ideal for ceramic, glass or metal e.g. chrome, stainless steel, copper, brass, silver, gold and more! Give all your kitchenware a new life!

  • Widely Applicable - A daily cleaner that works great on all kinds of surfaces without any damages, whether it be window frames, car wheels, door knob, dishwashers, ovens grills, cutlery and more!

  • Safe & Gentle - Contains no harsh chemicals! Protects your hands, kitchenware & the environment while leaving a fresh a lemon scent and no carbon footprint.


  • 1 x  Shiny™ Cookware Cleaner (180g)

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