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Deep tissue massaging yourself has never been so easy with the Reflexology Thumb Massager!Recommended by massage & physical therapists, chiropractors, and trainers all over the world, this thumb massager is great for trigger point work and all massage modalitiesIt is ergonomically shaped for three hand-held positions to help you apply pressure with minimal effort to get an effective massage. Reducing the stress on your joints and wrists while deeply triggering tension and knots.The ultimate self-care solution of Myofascial Pain Syndrome! Use regularly to restore the health of your fascia and increase blood flow, say goodbye to frozen shoulder and any pain & tension issues now!


  • No.1 Therapist Recommended Massage Tool. It's ergonomically shaped to help you apply the perfect amount of pressure to get a deep trigger point massage effortlessly.
  • With the three hand-held positions, it acts as an extension of your hand to reduce the stress on your joints and wrists.
  • Improve Myofascial Pain Syndrome. Use regularly to restores the health of your fascia, which can benefits you everything from muscle pain relief, a greater range of motion to faster recovery.
  • Great For Trigger Point Therapy, muscle & fascia stripping, all massage modalities including chair, acupressure, shiatsu, self-care & more.
  • Increases Blood Flow to help lower your risk of heart diseases such as high cholesterol, coronary artery disease & heart attack.
  • Reduce swelling and improve nerve functions.
  • Perfect for giving deep tissue massages on all parts of the body.
  • Medical-Grade Plastic Material to withstand varying pressures.
  • Convenient for massaging yourself as well as using to massage others.



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