NailRescue™ Herbal Cream

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Restore the natural silky sheen and beautiful appearance of nails naturally using NailRescue™ Herbal Cream!
Nail infections can be caused by fungal invasion of the nail structure. The cream helps by treating fungus, discoloration, dryness, frail nails, and even gets rid of the odor.
Give back the natural luster while protecting the overall health of the nail bed!



✔ Powerful AntiFungal Cream: Made to kill fungi and eliminate fungal infections, redness, and irritations.
✔ Easily Penetrates the Nail Bed: Has excellent penetrating formula that will improve the appearance and health of fungal nails.
✔ Safe Herbal Ingredients: Contains glycerin, wheat protein, angelica, and extracts of ingredients that infuse 100% natural herbs. No pain, stimulation, or side effects.
✔ Nail Rejuvenating Formula: Repairs the nails' damaged tissue and helps to smooth, rejuvenate, and protect the nails. Suitable for care for cracked, faded, darkened, and brittle nails as well as Onychomycosis and other nail-fungal infections.
✔ Fast & Effective Results: Can restore the shiny and natural appearance of nails within 8 days. Results may vary depending on the severity of the nail.
✔ Easy to Use: Simply apply and wait for 10 minutes to the affected nails 2-3 times a day after cleaning until the nails grow healthy.


Ingredients: Glycerin, wheat protein, angelica extracts.
Net Weight: 15 g


1 x NailRescue™ Herbal Cream

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