Multifunctional Hat Hanger

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Get your hats and caps off the floor!

Don't just throw your hats in the corner of the closet or leave them on any top shelf in the bedroom. Organize them a creative way with Multifunctional Hat Hanger.
Since hats are making a stylish comeback this season, why not make them easily accessible anytime and neatly stored? It protects and keeps them in pristine condition as well!
Save a lot of space. Hang em' up hidden inside the closet or display them on doors and walls to add character in any room!


✔ Store them Neatly: Save storage space. Suitable for closets or to be hung on walls.
✔ Sturdy & Convenient: Round bracket has a 45° angle to keep the hats hung in place without easily falling. It can also be closed when not in use.
✔ Wide Usage: Hang not just hats but scarves, bags, clothing, accessories, etc.
✔ Durable & High Quality: A single ring can carry up to 1 kg without deforming.
✔ Easily Connect Multiple Rings Together: The ring buckle is easy and convenient to interlock or disassemble. Add as many for the hat collection!


Material: Durable PP
Color: White
Size: 24 cm x 13.5 cm


1 or 3 pcs x Multifunctional Hat Hanger

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