Microwave Popcorn Maker

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Relish popped popcorn while being healthy. This popcorn-maker offers a solution at your fingertips to avoid you and your loved ones from all dangerous chemicals and artificial ingredients included in market popcorn and bags.

No need to give up snacking when having this popcorn-maker. No more buying of expensive popcorn-in-a-bag when you can make beyond plain popcorn just alike the commercial one!

You can now do faster and more convenient preparation of your favorite popcorn, have a sit in your couch, enjoy snack with family at home and feel like you’re in the cinema.


  • SAFE SILICONE POPPER BAG- no oil needed, ideal for for making a healthy treat. BPA free.

  • CONVENIENT SIZE- flexible container with heat resistance up to -40'C/230'C and holds 8 cups of corn, full-enough for 2 to share.

  • STEAM VENT IN THE LEAD- allows for the popcorn to be light and fluffy.
  • ADD FLAVORS WHILE COOKING- prepare beyond plain popcorn of your own preference, also its crunch and popped.

  • FAST and EASY PREPARATION- cooks and pops popcorn in three and half minutes.
1. Put 1/4-cup of popcorn kernels in the bowl and cover with the lid.
2. Microwave on high setting for about 2 1/2 min, until popping slows. 
3. While no oil is required you can add oil and flavor at your preference.



  • Microwave Popcorn Maker X 1 (with lid)


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