Magnetic Knee Protector

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If you are suffering from knee pain, Magnetic Knee Protector will provide the relief you need!
Featuring +98°F Self-Heating Technology, it will deliver a long-lasting warmth from your knee to all over your body.
The ReflexMagnets® that stimulates knee reflex points will bring heat deep down to your muscles and joints. Instantly relax tense muscles and relieve knee pain.
The magnets also helps to increase blood circulation and reduce swelling. By using it daily, your knee will feel a lot more flexible!

  • +98°F Self-Heating Technology
    Features +98°F Self-Heating Technology that delivers a long-lasting warmth from your knee to all over your body.
  • Intelligent Heat Equaliztion
    The self-heating nanowire will equalize your body temperature and distribute heat all over the body.
  • Reflexology Self-Massage Treatment
    ReflexMagnets® stimulates reflex points on your knee and bring heat to tense muscles and joints. It's great to relieve pain from arthritis in knee.

  • Flexibility Improvement
    ReflexMagnets® helps to boost blood circulation and reduce swelling. Your knee will be a lot more flexible with daily use.

  • 1 PAIR x Magnetic Knee Protector

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