Hematite Magnetic Therapy Necklace

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Regulate blood flow of the body with this stylish necklace!!

If you're looking for a drug-free relief for high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel then Hematite Magnetic Therapy Necklace is the perfect elegant solution!
Magnetic therapy stones have long been proven to show positive healing effects because of their high iron content that aids the kidneys, speeds tissue regeneration, and contributes to overall well-being.
This fashionable piece of jewelry will match almost any outfit and suitable for both men and women. Improve your body, mind, and soul while looking good!



✔ Stabilize Blood Pressure: The iron content in magnetic hematite regulates the flow of blood and oxygen to your body cells, relieving blood pressure disorders, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and kidney problems
✔ Relieves Body Pains: It maintains the charge of nerve cells making it effective in healing muscle or joint pains.
✔ Alleviates Stress & Promotes Better Sleep: Our necklace helps to absorb negative energy in times of stress or worry and offers a soothing effect for the wearer to get better sleep.
✔ Promotes Good Overall Health: The stones keep all body cells functioning maximally keeping you in good health, energized, and slows down aging.
✔ Boosts Immune System: Helps boost your body’s immune responses to invading foreign bodies and free radicals.
✔ Stylish for Men & Women: The luxurious design of a hematite necklace will match almost any outfit and style!


Length: 450 mm / 45 cm
Pipe Size: 7 x 12 mm / 0.7 cm x 1.2 cm


1pc x Hematite Magnetic Therapy Necklace

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