Floating Frame Case

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S (7x7cm)M (9x9cm)L (11x11cm)Set of 3 Sizes
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Now you can show off a range of items in a cool and unique way, while safely enclosing your item between a soft, and clear TPU membrane making it looks like floating! Introducing the all-new Floating Frame Case.It is made with flexible material which allows you to place almost any object while it suspends your collection inside the frame and display them in a 3D fashionable way!With a variety of available sizes, the right case for your stuff is easy to meet! The vertical and diagonal stands are included with each frame to allow a variety of display positions.


Unique Suspended Display
The frame opens and closes like a book and safely encloses your item between a soft, durable, and clear TPU membrane. This gives the illusion that your item is suspended in the mid-air inside the case.

Perfect for memorabilia/specimens/collections 
The case is a lovely way to display medals, coins, stamps, medallions, jewelry, fossil stones, casino chips, seashells, and more. A great decor that's sure to add life to any space.

Variety of Sizes
Available in small, medium, and large sizes, you can choose the right display case that can accommodate your collections. Each case comes with a base so you can easily stand them on tables and racks.


  • Material: ABS Plastic + TPU Film
  • Size: Small ~ 7 x 7 cm Medium ~ 9 x 9 cm Large ~ 11 x 11 cm
  • Color: Black, White


  • Floating Frame Case ( set of 1 pcs, 3pcs optional)
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