Eco-Friendly Silicone Wrap Cover(3pc)

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No more wasting money for disposable cling wraps!

Save your food and drinks with this reusable Silicone Wrap Cover. It is 100% BPA-free and washable, extremely flexible and durable. Can be clean by hand washing, or put in the dishwasher!

This durable silicone wrap cover doesn't degrade easily or lose its stretch. It can be stretched onto all shapes of containers in 3 seconds.

Go green with these stretch and fresh reusable food wraps!

    • Air-tight seal - Foods stay fresh for a long time
    • Leak-proof - Wraps adhere and stretch, protecting and making a leakproof seal
    • Light and portable - store flats

    • 100% Non-toxic 
    • BPA-free
    • Heat Resistant
    • Dishwasher-safe
    • Microwave safe
    • Oven safe - Use instead of baking paper - can withstand up to 250C

How to use?
    1. Prepare by making sure both the surface of the bowl and the wrap are dry.
    2. Place the wrap shiny side down, bumpy side up.
    3. Stretch (rather than drape) the food wrap over the surface of the bowl from one side to the other until it grips and forms an airtight bond. 
    4. Store food as usual. 
    5. Keep these wraps far away from sharp objects.

      • Set of 3: 10cm, 15cm and 20cm squares to cover lots of containers
      • Material: Non-toxic Silicone

Package Includes

3pc * Eco-Friendly Silicone Wrap Cover

S: 10cm*10cm*0.5cm/3.93"*3.93"*0.2"

M: 15cm*15cm*0.5cm/5.90"*5.90"*0.2"

L: 20cm*20cm*0.5cm/7.87"*7.87"*0.2"

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