Crinkle Fries Cutter

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Chop perfect wavy fries instantly!

Get rid of the need for precision when slicing wavy fries with this convenient Crinkle Fries Cutter!
Slice perfect-looking fries that are instantly ready to be fried or baked like they came from a fancy restaurant or your favorite fast-food chain.
Make delicious waffle fries without a sweat! It's super easy to use and can cut all sorts of ingredients that can make unique fries such as yams, sweet potatoes, carrots, and other vegetables!


✔ Quick & Easy: Simply slice the potato and it comes out as perfect crinkle shape, instantly ready to bake or fry!
✔ Wavy & Sharp Blade: The blade is sharp and wrinkly to perfectly cut ingredients into waffle slices.
✔ Cut Equal Sizes: Slice equal sizes of waffle fries that look exactly like those from restaurants or any fast food place!
✔ Widely Applicable: Not just for cutting potato fries but also for yam, veggies, carrots, taros, etc.
✔ Comfortable Safe Grip: Highly comfortable to use and safe for handling tougher vegetables like potatoes.
✔ Premium Quality: Made of durable stainless steel that's long-lasting, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe.


Material: PP+ TPR
Size: 14 cm  x 9.5 cm


1 pc x Crinkle Fries Cutter

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