Baby Hair Tattoo Stickers

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Achieve sleek & trendy wavy edges in seconds!!

Tired of fixing and styling your baby hairs every single day? Save yourself all that trouble and have realistic wavy edges in less than a minute with our Baby Hair Tattoo Stickers!
It instantly polishes and upgrades your hair-do! Look sleek, beautiful, and sexy with any pattern that's perfect to complete any hairstyle you want.
No more curling, using gel, or hair spray! They look incredibly natural and realistic and will stay put even when you shower or sweat.


✔ Natural & Realistic: The Baby hairs are hand-designed and sized to look completely realistic and fit naturally.
✔ Long-Lasting & Waterproof: The tattoo stickers are 100% water and sweatproof for the entire day.
✔ Effortless Wavy Edges: Simply moisten the sticker with a small amount of water, then wait 10-15 seconds, and then tear it apart to get natural baby hairs.
✔ Various Styles: Choose any or all of the 5 styles of baby hair shapes, with individually defined hair strokes in every design. You can also cut the product into a shape you like to create a beautiful visual effect.
✔ Hypoallergenic: Safe for all skin types and suits everyone!


  1. Remove the protective film cover before placement.
  2. Cut the desired size and place the tattoo in the desired position.
  3. Apply to clean product/makeup-free skin.
  4. Wet the backside and apply gentle pressure for 10-15 seconds before peeling away slowly.
  5. Wipe away any excess adhesive with a damp sponge/cloth towards the hairline.
  6. When your baby hairs are ready for a change, remove them by massaging the forehead with an oil-based product such as baby oil, makeup remover, or soapy water.


Color: Black


1, 5, or 10 pcs x Baby Hair Tattoo Stickers

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