Anti-Snoring Mouth Stickers (Set of 2)

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X Shape (30pcs per set)I Shape (36 pcs per set)
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Stop the loud & uncomfy snores for good!!

Get complete, deep, and healthier sleep with our Anti-Snoring Mouth Stickers! The simplest solution for avoiding mouth breathing when you sleep at night.
Avoid waking up with a dry mouth, sore throat, or nasal congestion by keeping them closed. Clinical studies show that nose breathing leads to more efficient blood oxygenation, more consistent deep sleep, and overall more restful nights.
It also promotes better sleep habits for young children and helps good jaw growth. Gone are the days when snores disrupt other family member's slumber!


✔ Simple Snoring Solution: It keeps your mouth closed when you sleep, promoting nose breathing, fewer snores, and more consistent deep sleep.
✔ Comfortable & Easy to Apply: Our tape is made with a specially engineered adhesive that allows you to easily apply and remove the strip without leaving any residue.
✔ Medical Grade Material: Made of high quality, hypoallergenic, and safe medical-grade material to avoid any irritation on sensitive skin.
✔ For Adults & Children: Suitable to use for everyone in the family. Perfect for traveling and nap breaks when working.

How To Use:

  1. Wash and dry your lips and skin around the mouth. Dirt, oils, mustache, beard, moisturizer, and makeup can weaken the adhesive.
  2. Remove the protective liners. Close mouth with lips in full contact.
  3. Place the strip centered across your mouth, press both ends and rub gently to secure.


Type: X shaped (30 stickers), I shaped (36 stickers)


2 sets x Anti-Snoring Mouth Stickers

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