Angle Grinder Chain Disc

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Cut, Shape, and sculpt woods easily!

Sculpt and carve woods quickly and effortlessly with this amazing Angle Grinder Chain Disc! This Grinder disc cuts effectively in any direction while providing a smooth and finished surface!


Multi-directional Cut
This chain disc has good performance in speed and maneuverability, which can easily complete cutting, carving of wood, plastic, ice, and hard rubber.

Tooth Design
The 22 tooth design provides
smooth "finished" surface which is great for minimal sanding afterward. 

Premium Quality
Made of heavy-duty and top-grade alloy steel carbide material that can withstand years of heavy use.

Widely Applicable 
Great for curved work, like the inside of bowls, cutting discs, resin metal cutting wheels for plywood, melamine, wood, stone, metal, plastic cutting, and trimming. 



Material: Hard Alloy
Weight: 210 g
Chain Thickness: 5.2 mm
Speed: 10000 - 13000 RPM


  • Angle Grinder Chain Disc
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