Acid Drainage Brass Massager

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Deep Clean your Body! The Brass Massager balances the PH Value of your body by eliminating your body acidity, toxins and waste!

"Brass" has been explored for its healing value and applied to massage treatments. It has been over 5,000 years. After massaging, complexion, health and contours are greatly reversed.

And now, the brass massager is commonly used in the beauty field. It aids microcirculation, promotes oxygen-rich blood flow to the skin and imparts a luminous glow!


  • 👨🏻‍⚕Why Pure Brass? Base on "Ancient Ayurveda treatment techniques" Brass is an ancient healing metal having electromagnetic properties to reduce toxins, acid and body waste. Pure Brass can maintain body health in a balanced PH Value.

  • Natural Skin Caring: Unlike artificial cosmetics which cause clogging in pores, the brass massager can push cosmetic residues and toxins out from the body to deep clean the pores. Massage to improve blood circulation. As a result, you can instantly see your rosy, radiant face. 

  • Excellent Anti-Aging Effect: Negative Ions from the pure brass can bring away free radicals to boost metabolism. For continuous using to improve drooping facial contours and double chin.

  • Works on all body parts:  It is designed for use on smaller to medium-sized areas of the body such as the back, forearms, neck, calves, and pectoral muscles. The pointed design can be used on smaller joints of the body.

  • Suitable to everyone: Brass Massager is suitable for any person, excluding pregnants. 

Some areas of your skin may turn gray or black, Indicate excessive acidity and toxin clogging in this area.


  • Size: 40 x 30 x 20 mm
  • Material: Ancient Healing Pure Brass


  • Acid Drainage Brass Massager x1
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